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Were I wolf,..: comic strip about a young man's search for his identity and his place in the world, complicated by the fact that he is in fact, a werewolf
Featured on! (573700 hits)
Macro & Vore: simple, silly comic strip about furs, and online life in general. (392800 hits)
The Dank Dungeon of Daily Doom: a webcomic about the drudgery of everyday life, and the drudgery of everyday gaming (118800 hits)
Oglin' the Darkness: Comic strips inspired by Eyes in the Dark - In jokes I doubt anyone outside the game will get, honestly.. :) (30900 hits)
Any miscellaneous comics... (10200 hits)
Brad the Vampire: I did a couple of guest-strips for the excellent web-comics Brad the Vampire In fact, it was largely due to those that I did Were I Wolf! (5800 hits)
Husky: I'm a husky, and we're dumb.